Tent Camping By the Creek at Grand View

Welcome, Campers

Are Campers a Different Breed?

Welcome, Campers, to Grand View Campground & RV Park. We’re happy you decided to join us!

Some say campers are a different breed. There’s probably a little truth to that too. We find them to be
resourceful, friendly, outgoing, quick to help one another, good problem solvers, spiritual, appreciative of
the marvels of nature, and environmentally conscientious. We’re blessed to get to spend time with folks like that.

David Sweet, a camping expert with About Travel, asked the posters in a camping forum why they liked to go camping.  Here are some of the responses he received:

ARAHTAR – “It’s a lot of fun. It’s cheap. It’s a change of pace. It’s different from the usual ‘drive somewhere and stay in a hotel’ type of vacation.”

MORPHD – “Camping is the only time I can begin to comprehend what life is and how things fit together. It is a renewing of my soul, a recharging of my being. If I happen to do it on a motorcycle, so much the better.”

CMBRUST – “I love being outdoors. I don’t like wearing shoes, coats are for dogs, and camping makes me proud, grateful and appreciative. I mean, I can actually live outside, without electricity and I love it. Getting away from the hustle and bustle of life, telephones, computers, beepers, traffic. I love it when the chirping birds wake me up before the sun comes up! Now that’s an alarm clock. Camping keeps me humble. Last weekend a storm blew through camp during the night. You feel really small when the lightning bolts crack above. Camping keeps my feet on the ground and spring in my step.”

NESA – “All I can say about camping is that anyone not doing it is missing the most family oriented memorable experiences ever. Most of our fondest memories as a family and with good friends have been around campfires. We have met some of the most interesting people and have seen many beautiful places because of camping.”

RONEILL – “Camping teaches resilience. It builds courage. It teaches us about our strengths and weaknesses, and in so doing, it makes us productive people.”

MARTHABILLIN – “No matter how busy our summer schedule is (with five kids and two working parents), we always take a family summer camping trip. There is nothing like it for providing the opportunity to focus on the family. Everyone must work together for things to get done (packing up, setting up camp, breaking camp, putting things away at home). We love the quality time without TV, phone, computers. As others have written, some of our most memorable experiences as a family have been while camping.”

MIZMARIE – “Over 25 years ago, I started with three small children, little money, but a desire to travel and have fun vacations. Camping fit the bill. In those years I looked for places with all the amenities and lots of activities for the children. They grew up, moved out, got married, had children. I still camp. In a tent when the family goes with me, in my VW van when I go it alone. I do state parks mostly, for I usually want less activities and noise and more times of quiet reflection. I have learned more about our natural world by experiencing it, than if I sat through a class in school.”

LGHTNSHDW – “There is NOTHING like bacon and eggs, pancakes and coffee cooked and eaten outdoors. Hoteling it when on vacation, you miss more than you know! Including the occasional bear. Also it is great to draw close to God in those quiet nights looking at his creation, and it is great for teamwork for the family – as well as learning some survival skills.”

Ted Allison – “No.1 reason, the people you meet camping.”

Whether you’re an experienced camper or someone who thinks they might want to give camping a try, we hope you’ll stop in and spend a little time with us and our other guests here at Grand View.  We’ll have a great time.

To help you out, here’s a video called “25 Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius”.  Hopefully,  even the seasoned campers will learn a thing or two that they can put to good use.

Until next time,

Happy Camping!